[kwlug-disc] beagleboard and books for sale

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Tue Mar 31 14:24:50 EDT 2009

  i'm in the midst of a ruthless purge of stuff, a lot of which i'll
be bringing to the next meeting.  first (and as i've mentioned
before), i have a rev B7 (previous) beagleboard for sale:


since i already have one of the newer C2 revs.  you can see what's
changed here:


i just paid $211.01 for a bare C2 board from digi-key (taxes and
shipping included).  if you want to play with one and don't
desperately need the C2 enhancements, i'll sell my B7 for $100 cdn.
and i'll throw in a 5V adapter, which you'll need if you really want
to push it in terms of peripherals.  (i *think* i can even find a
spare serial port adapter so you can connect to the console:


but, if i can't, those are fairly easy to find by ripping one out of
an old desktop.  (and you'll need to get your own null-modem cable.)

  first claimed, first served.


Robert P. J. Day
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