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Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Sun Mar 22 08:31:08 EDT 2009

Dear All,

Interested in enterprise-class wifi?  I met the folks from Xirrus at
Southern California Linux Expo last month and was impressed by a
couple of things.

First, they provided the wfi at the conference and it was always up
and always fast.  At a place with over a thousand Linux-folks and
seemingly everybody blogging everything.  My VPN has never been
zippy-er.  Nicely done.

Second, they had their hardware open for ogling at their booth.  Huge

Third, they were founded by the same person who founded Xircom, the
little red modem / network connector that fit in a PCMCIA port with
the awesome industrial design.

Fourth, did I mention that they sponsored SoCaLinuxExpo (SCaLE 7x) ?

So while this will be a sales seminar, I think that you will find this
one interesting if you have a legitimate interest in campus /
enterprise wifi / hundreds of concurrent users / etc.  And the folks
are F/LOSS supporters so they are worthy of our support.

Sorry for the short notice.  The event is Tuesday 24 March, in London
ON.  Please contact Xirrus directly with questions or for

Best regards,

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From: Lorna Pierno <Lorna.Pierno at xirrus.com>
Date: Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 11:47 AM
Subject: Xirrus Wi-Fi Seminar in your area!
To: rweait at gmail.com
Cc: Ashley McLean <ashley.mclean at xirrus.com>

Hello Richard~

I wanted to let you know that Xirrus will be hosting a FREE Wi-Fi
seminar in London, Ontario next week on Marc 24th.

I am trying to fill the seats with IT decision makers or anyone
responsible for their organizations network infrastructure.  If you
are interested in attending or would like to send out an invitation to
your colleagues that may be interested, please pass this on:


there are 3 ways to register:

1)      Email us at seminars at xirrus.com

2)      Online: http://www.xirrus.com/seminars/

3)      Call: 229.589.1212 or 1-800-947-7871

Please let me know if you can help me promote this event!

Thank you

Lorna Pierno

Director, Marketing Programs


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