[kwlug-disc] Job offer: J2EE Software Development Manager

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Sat Mar 14 18:24:58 EDT 2009

At this point, we have seen more discussion about recruiters and job 
postings than we have seen job postings themselves.  

If bandwidth or disinterest were really a problem I would not have 
expected any discussion at all.

I'm certainly in favour of keeping the job postings coming.


On 14 Mar 2009 at 11:03 Andrew Kohlsmith (lists) <kwlug-
disc at kwlug.org> wrote
about "Re: [kwlug-disc] Job offer:  J2EE Software Develo[...]"

>I think this has been blown waaaaaaaay out of proportion.
>If (and it's a big if) the list becomes flooded with traffic from
>recruiters and impedes the flow of traffic we would like to see
>on the list, THEN we can talk about how we should steer the list
>back to what we want it to be. 

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