[kwlug-disc] PC/hardware question

Insurance Squared Inc. gcooke at insurancesquared.com
Mon Mar 2 16:18:14 EST 2009

There was an article in last week's Record about a program that small 
offices like mine could get an energy audit and maybe get our 
flourescent lites swapped out for something energy efficient (and I 
thought flourescents were efficient - but what do I know).  I've applied 
for an audit to that program.....but now I'm wondering what it would 
take for my office to go much greener than it currently is.  My 
requirements aren't much; we've got leased space, a phone system and 
some computers.  That's about it.  So if they make my lights energy 
efficient, then the only thing I've got drawing power are my 
computers......which brings me to my question:

Are there any low power/green computers available that are suitable for 
an office environment - that'll run XP or linux?  Ones that have enough 
horsepower that I don't need to compromise?  What about LCD monitors?  
Are there such things as low power consumption LCD monitors? 

Now to tie it into linux.....we have a variety of industry niche 
programs that only run on Windows, and a printer or two that doesn't 
have linux drivers, and a scanner that isn't in SANE,  calculator 
programs, and even some sites that require IE only.   If I go buy all 
new low power consumption PC's and go completely Mandriva in the office 
at that time, does linux now have the ability for me to confidently run 
Windows apps seamlessly?  I know codeweavers has something, I don't mind 
paying - but I would want to know ahead of time that we're not going to 
have to back out because we can't run some windows apps.

In other words, I'm already running Mandriva myself.  Am I safe if I 
move my wife's computer over to mandriva as well :)?


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