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Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Tue Jun 30 14:38:22 EDT 2009

  hi, folks.  here's something i just posted to TLUG since it more
represents the market i'm after, but i figured i'd mention it here as
well, although i realize the market in the KW area is way smaller and
less likely to attract clients.  but ... what the heck, you never


  WARNING:  Self-promotion alert.  You were warned.  :-)

  Hi, folks.  As someone else on this list already observed before I
even got a chance to mention it, I'm a new columnist over at both
linux.com and the Linux Developer Network that's part of the Linux
Foundation.  My first piece, published only a few days ago, can be
read in one of two places:


  As you can see, this is going to be an ongoing series for people who
want to get into kernel programming slowly and gently.  The second
piece has already been submitted and could be up by the end of the day
for all I know, and the plan is for one article per week after that,
which I'll announce via Twitter if you want to know the instant it's
available.  But that's not why I'm here.

  In addition to the new column (which I am writing out of the
goodness of my open source heart), I'm also going to be offering some
of my Linux courses through the Linux Foundation (LF).  Eventually, as
the outlines are approved, they'll show up here:


The aim of LF is to concentrate on virtual courses, so I'm slowly
rewriting my stuff to be compatible with that, but I'm reserving the
right to offer the same stuff locally (Toronto and environs) as
single-client, on-site, instructor-led courses.

  Right now, I'm updating a one-day course in what is essentially the
care and feeding of the Linux kernel, whose current outline (still
reasonably accurate) can be seen here:


  It's *not* a course in kernel programming; it's more a leadup to
that, as you can see from the outline.  I taught that content as part
of a longer course a number of times for a Toronto client of mine, and
it was always the most popular part of the several days of Linux

  That course content is based quite a bit on Greg Kroah-Hartman's
book, "Linux Kernel in a Nutshell," with extra goodies beyond the book
added by myself.  Quite simply, it's as much crunchy kernel goodness
as I can pack into what was normally a *very* long day, all done
hands-on with laptops I can supply if necessary, which means that
students are quite welcome to make a mess of things, short of melting
down the hardware.

  As you can see, I've priced this day of training stupidly
competitively -- a flat rate of $1995 for up to 10 students.  This is
based on the scenario of a single client having enough people
interested in booking the course, but if someone has ideas of perhaps
collecting enough interested students to make this fly and providing
an Internet-equipped venue, I'm open to the possibility.

  If you want to chat further, drop me a note offline.  Nothing is
cast in stone and, if you have only a small group of people you'd like
trained, I can be flexible.


P.S.  From experience, I can state that this course is not a leisurely
day.  It's busy from start to finish, and normally required a full
8am-5pm session, with the client supplying a catered lunch just so
students could keep hacking over lunch.  In short, it's as much as I
can pack into a single day with physically injuring the attendees.


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