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Hi everyone

I think it would be ok to bring in a coffee and a snack (muffin, tart etc.) from the cafe when you arrive. Just like the WC.

They serve a brand of Coffee called "Seatle's Best Coffee" It is darn good coffee, you can find it all over the place in downtown Vancouver. 

I think that the consensus is to not have serving staff coming and going; we also do not want the consumption of alcohol during the meeting.

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We already have eating and drinking at the meetings. But people step away to go to the counter. I can see the issue being 'waitressing' - interrupting listeners to take orders, etc.

    Or the clunking of beer mugs becoming clinking as the meeting goes on and liquid levels decline. (-:

Perhaps the doorway, or something, could be designated the 'food acquisition spot'.

Parking (there isn't any to speak of at the Huether) may be more problematic than at the Working Centre (if the construction there wasn't going on).

Paul Nijjar wrote, On 06/19/2009 12:19 PM:
> to the Huether. There is some debate among LUG members who have heard
> about this whether we should allow eating and drinking during the
> meeting.

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