[kwlug-disc] July meeting: at the Heuther

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Jun 19 12:19:37 EDT 2009

As many of you know our usual meeting space at 43 Queen has been
getting progressively louder, and it has also been rather cramped.
This has clearly been chasing people away from meetings, which is bad. 

Fortunately, John Kerr has been on the case: he found us another
possible meeting space at the Heuther Hotel in Waterloo. 

The hotel is on King Street north of Waterloo Town Square. We have a
room called "The Boardroom" booked. John has some maps and directions,
which I will post to the website tonight or tomorrow (I will also
update the meeting entry).

This space has the potential to be quieter than our existing space.
The location is not as central, but parking and transit options are
still pretty good. It is also closer to the universities, which might
make KWLUG meetings more attractive for students. 

We get the space without a rental fee. Having said that the Heuther's
interest in this is that we patronize their establishment by
purchasing some food or drink. John has confirmed that there isn't a
one-drink minimum or anything like that -- the meetings will be free
and nobody is obligated to make a purchase to participate at the
meeting. I guess the KWLUG post-meeting practice will shift from Zekes
to the Huether. There is some debate among LUG members who have heard
about this whether we should allow eating and drinking during the

We can try this alternative location for a meeting or two and see how
it turns out. If we don't like it then I am pretty sure that we can go
back to 43 Queen or another space at The Working Centre. 

- Paul

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