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The Physics Department at the University of Toronto is sponsoring a 5-day
beginner's Python programming workshop, called PyCamp, running from July
13-17. It is open to persons who are not members of the UofT community
we would like to an extend an invitation to the members of open source
communities in the area.

At CAN$375, it is a very informal, low-cost, learning opportunity for
anyone interested in Python who hasn't already achieved "expert" level.

You can see more details at
http://trizpug.org/boot-camp/pycamp-toronto-2009/ . If this events seems
like it would be of interest to members of the KWLUG, we would appreciate
it if you would forward the following announcement to the most relevant
mailing list for your group.

Feel free to pare down the announcement if the length seems problematic.
I would start by removing the syllabus. Please keep paragraphs 1 to 3.

Please feel free to contact me for more information, but you will
probably find most of your questions answered at the web site.


Steven Butterworth <bworth at physics.utoronto.ca>
Manager, Physics Computing Services

----------------- BEGIN ANNOUNCEMENT --------------------

The University of Toronto Physics Department is pleased to invite you to
PyCamp Toronto 2009, to be hosted during the week of July 13 - July 17.

For beginners, this ultra-low-cost Python Boot Camp gets you up to speed
and doing real work fast. PyCamp emphasizes the features which make
Python a simpler and more efficient language. Follow along by example to
speed your learning process in a modern high-tech classroom. Become a
self-sufficient Python developer in just five days at PyCamp!

Registration fee is CAN$375. More information (including the
registration form) is available at the instructor's website:
http://trizpug.org/boot-camp/pycamp-toronto-2009/ .

The instructor, Chris Calloway, is an applications analyst for the
University of North Carolina Department of Marine Sciences and a member
of the Plone Foundation.

PyCamp is part of activities of the Triangle Zope and Plone Users Group
(TriZPUG), a non-profit group active in promoting the use of Python,
Zope and Plone in the North Carolina research triangle.


DAY ONE: Getting Started

What Is Python? • What Is an Object? • Numbers

What Is Python?
   * Installing Python
   * The Interpreter
   * The Compiler

What Is an Object?
   * Values
   * Attributes
   * Types
   * ID

   * Types
   * Identifiers and Binding
   * Operations

DAY TWO: Core Language

Sequences and Mappings • Controlling Your Program • Functions

Sequences and Mappings
   * Strings
   * Tuples
   * Lists
   * Dictionaries
   * Strings

Controlling Your Program
   * White Space
   * Conditionals
   * Indefinite Loops
   * Iterators
   * Definite Loops
   * List Comprehensions

   * Anatomy of a Function
   * Namespaces
   * Scope
   * Modules
   * Builtins
   * Visibility
   * Lambda the Ultimate
   * Packages

DAY THREE: Everything Is an Object

Advanced Objects • Classes • Streams

Advanced Objects
   * Generators
   * Exceptions

   * Anatomy of a Class
   * Subclasses
   * New Style Classes
   * Special Methods
   * Descriptors
   * Properties
   * Static Methods
   * Class Methods
   * Decorators

   * File Objects
   * Standard IO
   * Pipes
   * Command Line Arguments

DAY FOUR: A Tour of the Standard Library

Text Processing • Numeric Processing • Networking • Concurrency

Text Processing
   * Regular Expressions
   * ConfigParser
   * csv
   * difflib
   * email
   * getopt
   * glob
   * HTMLParser
   * optparse
   * pydoc
   * shutil

Numeric Processing
   * math
   * cmath
   * random
   * datetime
   * calendar
   * array
   * bisect

   * socket
   * SocketServer
   * BaseHTTPServer
   * SimpleHTTPServer
   * Cookie
   * cookielib
   * CGIHTTPServer
   * SimpleXMLRPCServer
   * DocXMLRPCServer
   * ftplib
   * smtplib

   * threading
   * multiprocessing

DAY FIVE: Development Practices

Test Driven Development • Debugging • Performance • Packaging •

Test Driven Development
   * unittest
   * doctest

   * pdb
   * IDEs

   * profile
   * pstats

   * distutils
   * setuptools
   * virtualenv
   * zc.buildout

   * Python Imaging Library
   * Numpy

---------END ANNOUNCEMENT -------------------

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