[kwlug-disc] Laptops.

Daniel Jolkowski danijolk at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 3 19:28:00 EDT 2009

I've been thinking of buying a new laptop to replace that one I took swimming with me.  I am however not sure where to start - there are gazillions on the market these days and I haven't kept up with new hardware and things like that so I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I'm wondering if anyone has had any good experiences buying stuff or any suggestions on places where to purchase.

I'm not looking to spend a whole hunk of money, somewhere in the range of one thousand dollars, so I am not expecting to get a horse anything.  It just needs to be able to handle some really minor work with photographs and have decent enough battery life to be useful unplugged.  No electricity at home and it would be excellent to be able to get through a DVD before needed to charge.

  Unless I purchase it from Staples it will also have to be able to be ordered online.


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