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If you have enough disk space, you should be able to package up the
existing XP partition using a physical to virtual converter from VMware
(http://www.vmware.com/products/converter/).  This process does not
affect the existing Windows install but will generate a virtual machine
that can be run by VMware within Mandriva.  The virtual machine will be
in a directory which will have to be accessible from Linux.

The first part of a step-by-step is here (link to the second part at the


You will need enough disk space on the system for the virtual machine.

There are always issues with Windows complaining about hardware changes,
but since you are running the VM on the same hardware as the physical
Windows, you might get away with it.  If not, I'd call MS and insist
that they let you use your properly licensed copy of Windows on the
machine on which it is installed - VM or not.

Good luck!

Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
> I'm installing vmware server on my linux box and am a bewildered by the
> process.
> My machine has a native XP installed.  I then later installed Mandriva
> on top of that as a dual boot system.  Now I installed vmware with the
> intention of running my windows stuff without rebooting.  Can I run
> windows through vmware by accessing the original xp install on the
> machine?  Or do I need to start fresh, install just mandriva then
> vmware, then install windows from my CD's using vmware?
> g.
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