[kwlug-disc] (Home) External Storage?

john at netdirect.ca john at netdirect.ca
Fri Jul 31 09:37:28 EDT 2009

At home I have a Lenovo mid-tower system that does just about everything 
for me. I think it was $700 (a mid-range desktop PC) that houses my Myth 
backend, a 1TB disk for storing recordings and I rsync my notebook home 
directory to it. The kids don't have much need for data storage yet so 
it's just me. The server isn't RAIDed, I don't care if I lose my 
recordings and the data is still on my notebook. If I did RAID I would put 
in a RAID 1 setup using mdadm. The disks are cheap enough and rebuilding a 
RAID 5 on these huge disks just takes too long.

The system also acts as my firewall, dhcp, dns, web server (occasionally), 
and Mediatomb server. It also acts as the vpn end-point to my office 
network through which my voip ATA connects to the Asterisk PBX. If I 
didn't have the office systems, it might also act as email server and spam 

Previously I had a myth system and an old PC acting as firewall/backup. 
When I tried to convert the myth to HTDV output and put a 1TB drive in it, 
it overheated and failed. It was then that I decided a split front-back 
end would be the best choice.

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> Check out this article on building a 10Tb (raw) drive array for 
> under $1000 (US).  It may give you some ideas, at least.
> http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/10tb-hdd-raid,2344.html

> On Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 8:38 AM, Adam Glauser <adamglauser at gmail.com> 
> If I were in your position, I'd definitely take a look at building a
> small system and using FreeNAS.  When I was looking for NAS 
> products, they all seemed to be either very expensive, or limited in
> functionality.
> unsolicited wrote:
> - it would seem to be nifty if it ended up also being the media
> storage for something like MythTV or a Popcorn Hour box,
> http://www.popcornhour.com/onlinestore/index.php?
> pluginoption=productinfo&item_id=12. 
> Check out XBMC.  There is a Live-CD version you can use.  I don't 
> think it can do PVR stuff at this point, but it is an excellent 
> system for playing back media from the network.
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