[kwlug-disc] Microsoft Patches Linux; Linus Responds | Linux Magazine

Chris Bruner cbruner at quadro.net
Mon Jul 27 21:28:57 EDT 2009

MS has shown their true colours time and time again.  They only reason 
they GPL'd this code is because they were caught and wanted to avoid the 
public scandal of being taken to court because they were using GPL'd code.

I wouldn't read anything in this as MS changing direction in any way. 
They are just taking the lessor of two evils in their mind.

Kyle Spaans wrote:
> I'm more or less apathetic about MS's supposed GPL violations or the fact that
> they released this code in the first place.  :P  What I'm really
> interested in (and
> think will show their true colours) is how MS will maintain these drivers. Will
> they work with the (admittedly rough at times) kernel community? Will they keep
> them up to date in Linus' tree? (Assuming they eventually get included into the
> core tree.)
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