[kwlug-disc] Further meeting topics, further FLOSS Fund recipients

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Thu Jul 9 00:35:26 EDT 2009

> At any rate, I now need to have my horizons expanded by learning the
> intricacies of Apache configuration files.  Many thanx in advance for
> the excellent presentation we will have in September.

As I will explain in September, there are way too many configuration options
that Apache has. No one needs them all, no one has to learn them all.
Learn the ones that matter, and learn where to lookup the rest.

> The LAMP presentation also highlighted my ignorance of things MySQL.
> I'd love to see a "MySQL for Newbies" at some future meeting.  "SQLite
> for Newbies" would be good too.

I think someone volunteered for this a while ago. If it does not happen in
a few months, I can do the MySQL part.

SQLite is even simpler, but is not suitable for applications that needs
concurrency. So, for a desktop application that will be used by one
person, it is perfect. For something with many users updating at the
same time, it is not.

It is embedded under the hood in many applications, such as some Mac
OS/X apps that Apple ship, Firefox, and McAfee.
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