[kwlug-disc] Heuther parking and comments thread

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Wed Jul 8 23:28:54 EDT 2009

Raul Suarez wrote, On 07/08/2009 10:55 PM:
> --- On Wed, 7/8/09, Paul Nijjar <paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca> wrote:
>> >From my perspective it looks like the Heuther was reasonably
>> successful as a meeting space.

Agreed. Very successful, I think.

>> How did you feel about the space? Obviously we were pretty packed and
>> the room was either hot (if the door was closed) or noisy
>> (if not). 

Being new to the space, we didn't know, but the space can be better 
arranged for us. Given the changes we make at TWC, this should be no 

Push a line of tables to the wall all along the room, with a set of 
chairs next. Remaining tables distributed in lines in the middle. Much 
more seating room will be created.

I noticed the TV has an S-video input if that's useful instead of the 
projector. There are quite a few screens there, only the projector is 

I had difficulties hearing, but then Khalid is a very quiet speaking 
individual. A microphone would have been useful for him. I saw at 
least one PA system at the hotel (which is probably available to us). 
I saw speakers in our room, but don't know about connecting a mic into 

> I liked it even though I was almost cooking in my own juices. The distribution of chairs and heat can be improved. I guess is just the nature of adapting to a new place.

We found out later it has Air Conditioning. Had we known someone would 
have fired it up much sooner. Letting us keep the door closed and the 
noise out.

We saw 3 other rooms on a quick after-meeting tour. One is _way_ too 
big (the old Kent). Another is about the same size as the one we were 
in, but it has no doors - noise will be an issue. The last is only 
slightly bigger than the one we were in - internet access for the 
presenter will be problematic.

If John were to present Myth again, the current room would be 
insufficient. Perhaps the last room mentioned above would also be 
problematic. The Kent would have way more capacity than we could fill, 
even on a really popular night.

Can people comment on typical attendance at meetings? I sense the 35 
there was about average.

> Parking was very easy in the street and Walking from the large parking lot will hardly kill anyone in the summer and I've seen that in winter uptown Waterloo sidewalks are well maintained.

I parked in the lower Library parking lot, making sure I was in a D 
reserved (9 - 6) spot. No ticket.

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