[kwlug-disc] (John's) Home Servers? {Was: Re: (Home) External Storage?}

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Jul 31 15:20:54 EDT 2009

John, sounds like you have effected what I have merely ruminated 
about, repeatedly over the years, but never effected. [Part of my 
ruminations has been over what all to put into a 'home server' - 
discussions of which have all but turned into flame wars at linuxmce.]

Care to list a 'high-level' overview of the process you went through?
- started with CentOS, I presume. (TrixBox? MythTV?)
- added dns
- added dhcp
- added iptables (Guarddog?)
- added big disk
- mirrored
- added vpn
- added VoIP
- added rsync (via Samba?)
- added Mediatomb
- added apache
- might have added e-mail (Courier?)
- therefore might have added spam filter (SpamAssasin?)

john at netdirect.ca wrote, On 07/31/2009 9:37 AM:
> At home I have a Lenovo mid-tower system that does just about everything 
> for me. I think it was $700 (a mid-range desktop PC) that houses my Myth 
> backend, a 1TB disk for storing recordings and I rsync my notebook home 
> directory to it. The kids don't have much need for data storage yet so
> it's just me. The server isn't RAIDed, I don't care if I lose my 
> recordings and the data is still on my notebook. If I did RAID I would put 
> in a RAID 1 setup using mdadm. The disks are cheap enough and rebuilding a 
> RAID 5 on these huge disks just takes too long.
> The system also acts as my firewall, dhcp, dns, web server (occasionally), 
> and Mediatomb server. It also acts as the vpn end-point to my office 
> network through which my voip ATA connects to the Asterisk PBX. If I 
> didn't have the office systems, it might also act as email server and spam 
> filter.
> Previously I had a myth system and an old PC acting as firewall/backup. 
> When I tried to convert the myth to HTDV output and put a 1TB drive in it, 
> it overheated and failed. It was then that I decided a split front-back 
> end would be the best choice.

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