[kwlug-disc] anyone use "cscout" on a sizable C project?

Chris Bruner cbruner at quadro.net
Fri Jul 31 05:50:09 EDT 2009

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   if you (or someone else) has the time to configure it to process the
> kernel source tree, i'm interested in locating all unnecessary
> inclusions of kernel header files, something cscout should be able to
> do.
I tried using the csmake to make the configuration file (they claim it 
worked under 2.21 something). and it make the make.cs file fine.
Then when using the actual cscout it died stating
/usr/include/regex.h: 562: error: syntax error

I looked at the regex.h file but didn't see anything obviously wrong.

The cscout looks very powerful and I can see it being very useful for 
refactoring of programs.

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