[kwlug-disc] Myth TV irw signals (lirc)

Paul Gallaway pgallaway at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 08:36:44 EDT 2009

On Tue, Jul 21, 2009 at 9:00 PM, Charles M<chaslinux at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi all. I'm setting up an ATI USB Wonder remote with Myth TV and I'd
> like to remap the buttons. However irw does not seem to display the
> codes like this:
> 00000014527d0000 00 mouse-button_right ./lircd.conf
> 000000144b760000 00 mouse-right_down ./lircd.conf
> 0000001446710000 00 mouse-right ./lircd.conf
> Lirc does display some content... for example if I press 1 I get 1,
> but if I press a key like
> volume up I get something like [[^CA (example). The last time I used
> irw I thought it did send the
> long 00000014527d000 type codes. I tried deleting my existing ATI
> lircd.conf and using a blank file,
> but I got the same results.
> Any suggestions?

I setup this remote a couple weeks ago for a frontend. Just need to
install the frontend in it's final destination now...

Charles, are you missing codes in your lircd.conf that you want to
define additional buttons for? The program irrecord which will
generate a lircd.conf file with the long codes. If you have a mostly
working lircd.conf then just run irrecord for the missing ones and
copy paste to your working conf. You can find completed lircd.conf's

If you already have an lircd.conf file with all of your buttons
defined, you can remap any of the buttons to make them do something
else in MythTV with your lircrc file. It's probably found in ~/.lircrc
or ~/.mythtv/lircrc depending on your distribution. For example, you
could map mouse-right, left, up, and down to navigate menus, or switch
channel-up/down with vol-up/down if the placement is better on your
remote (prepare for the wrath of thy guests).

Another place you can make behavioural changes are the keybindings
settings in MythTV. mythweb has a nice interface for seeing all
current bindings and adding more. Apparently there's another method
but I just can't  Anything you add/change here just needs to be
added/changed in your lircrc for your remote for your remote to make
use of new MythTV keybindings. Here's a summary of the default
bindings (MythTV bindings that reference keyboard codes can be done by
setting the equivalent keyboard code in lircrc):

Oh, and there's another small app called mode2 that is similar to irw.
I never really understood the difference. Perhaps that's the program
you were thinking of? I know that irw did not work with atiusb the
first time I set the remote up a couple years ago but it does now.

Hopefully something here was helpful. If not I'll try again!

        all good things. all in good time.

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