[kwlug-disc] Using linux to fix Windows

Joe Wennechuk youcanreachmehere at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 3 11:02:17 EDT 2009

Ok. Here is the situation:

Preface: I am working for Charles at the recycle centre. We fix A lot of systems infected by this or that, and many of them are very pernicious and won't be removed except by extraordinary measures. Many times due to unsafe surfing, or a lack of knowledge about potential threats. Some of these computers get re-infected in a short amount of time and come back infected again.

I have an Aspire One; and, as are many of the newer Acers have a system restore to reset to factory condition.


We re-install many systems, but I would like to use a configuration that allows a """Factory Restore"""

I would really like to implement a similar feature on the computers we fix using linux.


My thinking is..


Lets say the user had a 60 Gb HD

I make one 10 G partition (should this be less ( consider we are working with small drives 40 G or less)\

Three partitions in this case 10c:  40d:   10 Linux hda3?


-          Install Windows on the 10 gig partition

-          Format 40 more gigs as the data partition, and target MyDocuments to point to second partition,

-          With the last 10 gigs I would like to make a restore position that includes linux, and a copy of the image of the system partition as it was ORIGINALLY installed

-          I would like to be able to boot to this partition and restore to the original ghost image so.. I need a boot script.

The restore partition should run  minilinux or something, then format the first partition, then copy the original image to the newly formatted partition, then reboot. and that's all it should do.

It is my thinking that because all of the users data are stored on the second partition if the first(system) partition is wiped then re imaged the system would have the equivalent of a |Factory Restore.

I think this should be easy..   Any suggestions???


P.S. I would like  the grub loader to say two choices restore, and windows,

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