[kwlug-disc] Rogers Bandwith Limit - Consequences of exceeding?

Rick rickm at golden.net
Fri Jan 30 12:04:30 EST 2009

unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> writes:
> Rogers site says on their website you can exceed your monthly
> bandwidth limit (different costs per GB exceeded, depending upon your
> plan), to a maximum of $25.00.

Roughly, how much GB would you have to pull down to hit $25.

> ... significantly
> limit your bandwidth. I wonder if at some point they just cut you
> off.

Would it be reasonable to restrict bandwidth if other
customers started to suffer slowdowns?

Other than impact on other customers, I can't think why they'd want to
throttle you given that they make more money for the more you pull in.

> Anyone have hard experience with this / costs / limits / consequences?

I'm on dial up (at $9/month) for 24 hours most days. They don't seem to
be throttling me.

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