[kwlug-disc] how would you interview potential linux employees?

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Tue Jan 27 11:19:31 EST 2009

  here's a wide-open question -- if you could give some advice to
someone trying to hire linux expertise, what sorts of questions would
you suggest asking?

  yes, that's a fairly boundary-free request, but a colleague asked me
to suggest a few things.  i figured you could start by weeding out the
total posers pretty quickly:

* What distros and versions have you used and are using now?  For
* What other distros are you familiar with?  And what are their main
features -- what selling points set them apart.
* What hardware have you installed Linux on?

  obviously, this is pretty lightweight stuff but i think it quickly
shows who's up on their stuff and who isn't.  are there any websites
that discuss this?


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