[kwlug-disc] anyone played with one of those pico pocket projectors?

Rick rickm at golden.net
Sat Jan 17 15:35:59 EST 2009

"Kyle Spaans" <3lucid at gmail.com> writes:
> All I can say is that the Computer Science Club here was planning on
> buying some so that they could stealthily project large versions of
> goatse wherever they wanted...

If this is what you're talking about, they're still on the pricey
side ... you might want to opt for goatse tshirts instead.

$499.99 Optoma Pico - World's smallest Projector


Although I see that other full-size projectors are even more expensive
with several over $2000.


I noticed that the Pico's "lamp technology" is "LED". So does that
mean you don't have to worry about cooling down the unit?
I had been told that with the larger units, they can't just be
unplugged without a cool-down first ... or else the expensive bulb
will pop and be ruined.

Given the small amount of material in these devices,
will their cost come down to $200 or less in a few years?

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