[kwlug-disc] why am i getting "Content Encoding Error" using firefox?

Chris Irwin chris at chrisirwin.ca
Mon Jan 12 08:46:27 EST 2009

On Mon, Jan 12, 2009 at 05:56, Robert P. J. Day <rpjday at crashcourse.ca> wrote:
>  trying to view:
> http://www.bitshrine.org/gpp_info/asterisk-

(snip error)

I get the same error on firefox regarding unsupported compression.
However, IE here at work does not work either. IE6 gives a blank page,
while IE7, I get the following DNS-ish error:

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

   Most likely causes:
You are not connected to the Internet.
The website is encountering problems.
There might be a typing error in the address.

FWIW, http://www.bitshrine.org/gpp_info/ shows fine in all browsers...

Chris Irwin
<chris at chrisirwin.ca>

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