[kwlug-disc] OpenVPN (Was: Re: firewall question)

Cedric Puddy cedric at thinkers.org
Sat Feb 21 19:17:22 EST 2009

On 21-Feb-09, at 12:27 AM, Raul Suarez wrote:

> --- On Fri, 2/20/09, Cedric Puddy <cedric at thinkers.org> wrote:
>>>> Risk can never be 0. You have to exercise due
>> diligence and manage the risk.
>> Me and my big bag of wire cutters say that Risk *CAN* be 0.
> And even then the risk to have your personal information/identity/ 
> data compromised is not zero.
> Even having an unusable box does not mean risk 0 as you can cut  
> yourself with the cutters, or trip over the unkackable computer,  
> etc...
> Risk can never be zero, GOTCHA!!!

Hah! You didn't read the fine print, did you?  :)

At the bottom of my post, I explicitly recognized that my method was  
not foolproof (mind you, the example I chose was more from the "Funny"  
column as opposed "Fact" column, but I still think it's worth at least  
partial points!)

I, of course, acknowledge that folks have been nailed by old hard  
drives (memory sticks, punch cards, mag tapes) showing up on ebay and  
such, and will accordingly add to my bag of wire cutters a bulk  
eraser, truck mounted industrial shredder, and somewhat profitable  
precious metals recycling business (a wholly owned subsiduary of of my  
computer security consulting firm).  That oughta shave a few points  
off my p() risk function.

That still doesn't eliminate the trip hazard you identified, of course.

The fine print I'm talking about was after my sig, and said:

"* Well, he [the homeless ex-computer tech] might ask you for spare
change if you run into him on the street.  Or mug you.  So maybe
the risks associated with our service aren't __zero__ exactly....
but that's what so great about fine print like this -- nobody reads
it, yet it still legally qualifies as disclosure.  Sweet deal."

	All the Best,


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