[kwlug-disc] OpenVPN (Was: Re: firewall question)

Cedric Puddy cedric at thinkers.org
Fri Feb 20 23:27:01 EST 2009

> Raul Suarez wrote, On 02/19/2009 1:04 PM:
>> --- On Thu, 2/19/09, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
>>> So you have an unknown risk, and an unquantified down time
>>> (bet your business) possibility. You try and protect
>>> yourself.
>>> But how much is enough? We don't know.
>> Risk can never be 0. You have to exercise due diligence and manage  
>> the risk.

I'm gonna pay for this with years in purgatory or something, trotting  
out an old, dead joke like this, but I just can't help it...

Me and my big bag of wire cutters say that Risk *CAN* be 0.  In fact,  
for very reasonable fee, I would be happy to render your computing  
infrastructure completely unhackable....

Not only can we reduce your security audit costs to zero, we can  
likewise help you slash your IT maintenance budget.

That's right folks, we're turning the clock back to the salad days of  
Steno pools, squeaky clean families living in houses with white picket  
fences (a domestic auto with white-walls in the drive), and weekend  
fishing junkets at the local crick that were never interrupted by a  

Best of all, you know that smug guy from IT that shows up 3 hours  
late, says "This will not be a problem", and then unleashes a big bag  
of hurt on your computer?  And says it's *your* fault that *he* can't  
get your files back?  Never Have To Talk To Him Again.*

What's not to love?

I want to make a television commercial for this service now... I can  
just see it in my minds eye (kind of like the EDS ad about herding  
cats: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pk7yqlTMvp8 )


* Well, he might ask you for spare change if you run into him on the  
street.  Or mug you.  So maybe the risks associated with our service  
aren't __zero__ exactly.... but that's what so great about fine print  
like this -- nobody reads it, yet it still legally qualifies as  
disclosure.  Sweet deal.

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