[kwlug-disc] Configuring a WinTV-HVR-1600

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Sat Feb 14 22:55:17 EST 2009

Self-inflicted pain then.

And given the description ... you sir ... have a problem. And the 
first step is to admit you have a problem.

You need to go to a meeting. At it you need to stand up and say ... Hi 
... my name is Raul ... and I'm a K-W LUGger! I can't help myself, I 
pass by computer stores and pick up widgets that I haven't confirmed 
as being Linux compatible yet. Can you help me?

(You know ... somebody's going to say ... get a Mac. <sigh>)

Here's the real problem ... the group is more likely to want one of 
whatever it is you got. Ooohhhsss and Aaaawwwss are you converting the 
group, not the group rehabilitating you.

You'd think we'd get group discounts.

Raul Suarez wrote, On 02/14/2009 9:42 PM:
>> Besides, Factory Direct doesn't refund cash. If you return it you'll have to get something else instead - credits are no fun. 
>> So with luck you'll get some other non-Linux compatible doohickey, get another 5 hours of "entertainment", and be able to start the cycle all over again.
> Actually that's one of the things I like about factory direct. If I'm in doubt that something will work on Linux I buy it, if it doesn't I just return it> I'm always buying stuff there so credit is as good as anything else.
> Besides, is on my way home so I tend to stop there frequently.
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