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unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Thu Feb 12 18:12:27 EST 2009

Interesting. http://windows.kde.org/.

May bring a few more of your favourite Linux (KDE) apps with you when
you have to work on that 'other' OS. Aside from cygwin, OpenOffice,
Firefox, and the like, that is.

Still a work in progress, e.g. the installer / package manager isn't
too robust, and koffice is in beta, but the fact that koffice is even
_in_ beta is interesting, and hopeful. Some 'released' apps, so the
approach is demonstrably real.

You may want to ftp to the repository rather than go through the
installer. csclub was rather flaky, so filezilla helped significantly
there. Run the kde installer first, choose download only, figure out
your directories, and when the installer appears to die, use
filezilla. Go back to the installer then, let it get files from lots
of other locations, e.g. microsoft (sdk), sysinternals, activeperl,
and a number of other things. Once done, off it goes, rather smoother
than expected. It can be a development environment (for itself, too), 
but it doesn't have to be.

 From frustration, I just fetched everything, bin, doc, src, dev (svn),
filezilla *.*, then trimmed. About 2 1/4 GB.

Another line of attack, er, conversion. From within.

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