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Chris Irwin chris at chrisirwin.ca
Mon Feb 9 17:52:44 EST 2009

On Mon, 2009-02-09 at 14:55 -0500, unsolicited wrote:
> So ... what a waste. Rather than improving the infrastructure (e.g. 
> 'pervasive' QoS), and facilitating convergence (i.e. all communication 
> on the same wires/medium allowing interesting interactions like 
> 'follow me', if you will), it's still separate channels requiring 
> hardware at both ends to cross, e.g. 'gateways'. If it were all IP, 
> your 'gateway' (routing/crossover point) could be anywhere. <sigh>

I can see why Rogers went down this road:
	- Can target folks who do not have an Internet connection, or have an
unreliable Internet connection
	- Some people have a negative association with the term VOIP
	- Avoids the whole favouritism issue regarding QOS for their VOIP vs
third parties since they don't market theirs as VOIP and it does not
travel over the same channel. They would be subject to those same QOS
rules on other ISP networks (and the irony of the situation would be
lost on them, I imagine)

As is, Home Phone targets a physical location. The phone "modem"
contains a battery in case of (short?) power loss, and is designed to be
a stationary item which connects to all phones in the house.

None of this precludes them offering a roaming option later on. Rogers
already has a wireless carrier. Having calls route to your home when
there and elsewhere when not is a wonderful idea. If you break down
requirements, it would make sense to have your VOIP network up, running,
and tested before you start selling additional services on top. That may
be down the road.

It would likely be cheaper than Rogers Wireless, so I wouldn't hold my
breath unless somebody else did it on a large scale first :)

> > The rogers Phone box plugs in to your cable the same as a cable
> modem
> > or tv terminal.
> So, with home phone, tv, and internet, they'll split the incoming 3
> ways.

Assuming you only have one TV, yes. My house doesn't have cable, but my
parents have five outlets throughout the house, though they only use
two, so the line is already split.

Chris Irwin <chris at chrisirwin.ca>
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