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Sat Feb 7 00:35:49 EST 2009

Paul Nijjar wrote, On 02/06/2009 11:35 PM:
> I got the following question via the KWLUG web form. Do you have any
> good answers? Post them to the mailing list and I will forward them to
> the queryer. 
> I did mention this, but I don't know how relevant the material is: 
> http://www.conestogac.on.ca/~dbennewitz/
>> I have been looking for courses in the KW area based on Linux
>> [networking] - but all I'm finding is microsoft-based courses. Would
>> you have any suggestions on where I might find something with a
>> little less microsoft and a little more linux-based?

Conestoga non-Windows courses are based on Fedora, for FWIW. They dual 
boot. No network under Fedora I think someone said, perhaps it was Dave.

When last I looked around, the only thing I remember finding, aside 
from the Working Center, is Polar Bear, now Nexient. 

A quick search on unix/linux returned:

Linux+ Certification: A CompTIA Certification 5 Days $2,195

Linux Fundamentals  2 Days  $878 - Kitchener  May 04,2009  May 05,2009

Linux System and Network Administration  3 Days  $1,317 - Kitchener 
  May 06,2009  May 07,2009

Introduction to UNIX  4 Days  $1,595

UNIX & LINUX Shell Scripting Using the Korn Shell  4 Days  $1,595

UNIX Administration & Troubleshooting  4 Days  $1,695

I did my CCNA with them (Mississauga) several years back. I know of a 
few who did their A+ with them in Kitchener. I think I did my VB 
Intro. with them many years ago in London. I did AD with them in 
Kitchener a few years after the CCNA.

Seemed OK. Effective. Have nothing to compare them against though. 
Really, it all comes down to the instructor. And for the instructor, 
all that really matters is an appropriate room with computers. 
Curriculum is set down by the body, anyways. Be it manufacturer or 
industry association.

My MS Project course with Dave last summer wasn't much different, 
except - a whole lot cheaper, over 4 months, and a slightly slower 
pace. i.e. A chance to work through things rather than ramming 
information into the brain. Part of that was a week between classes 

If I remember correctly, the Working Center bits were more 
CompTIA-centric than Linux centric. FWIW, IIRC.

Seems to me there have been a few related threads in this list the 
last few years. Mostly pertaining to linux certifying bodies. LPI was 
mentioned (Bob did the beta level 2 exam at Working Center, or 
something like that?) CompTIA has Linux+. (I now have their book.) 
John is pretty adamant about the Red Hat certification - his 
perspective being, IIRC, that it's the only one where solid, hands-on 
experience must be proven to acquire any given level. I don't remember 
for sure, he can comment, but I suspect a Red Hat cert. could be 
considered a requirement if you want to apply to NetDirect.

* I may be confusing Polar Bear with Trio above, and/or someone else 
in London. They come and go, and there's been a fair bit of 
amalgamation / consolidation over the years.

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