[kwlug-disc] Rogers Bandwith Limit - Consequences of exceeding?

Rashkae rashkae at tigershaunt.com
Tue Feb 3 09:18:36 EST 2009

Rick wrote:

> I've read that bandwidth of cable networks gets saturated much more
> easily than bandwidth of telephone networks ... although I don't recall
> the reason why. Something different in the structure of each kind of
> network, I guess. And I recall something about upload-rate being much
> more constricted than the download-rate.
The upload rate will be constricted on any so called broadband service,
unless you have a dedicated SDSL loop (which does not work over phone
line, you have to rent your own copper) or fiber.  ADSL or rogers will
be limited to between 500kbps and 1mbps.  (Note: Terrestrial microwave
networks can get up to 5mbps synchronous, I believe, but most of those
networks will either be very saturated, or have draconian usage policies
to prevent them from being saturated.)

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