[kwlug-disc] Rogers Bandwith Limit - Consequences of exceeding?

Rick rickm at golden.net
Tue Feb 3 03:08:24 EST 2009

Rashkae <rashkae at tigershaunt.com> writes:
> Considering how much more money they charge for the business accounts
> than residential.. this has to be tops for the most bizarre company
> policy ever.

Maybe if Rogers allowed business accounts in a residential area
then the bandwidth might get soaked up by business accounts.

Then, extra profit from business accounts could be less than the
hassle/expense generated from disatisfied residential customers in the
neighbourhood of such business accounts.

I've read that bandwidth of cable networks gets saturated much more
easily than bandwidth of telephone networks ... although I don't recall
the reason why. Something different in the structure of each kind of
network, I guess. And I recall something about upload-rate being much
more constricted than the download-rate.

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