[kwlug-disc] communitech?

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Sat Dec 26 22:11:06 EST 2009

Lori Paniak wrote, On 12/26/2009 9:54 PM:
> I agree.  We are all (equal!) supporters of KWLUG.  The last thing
> we need is a special class of KWLUG member.

Is this what the end result of contributions towards meeting space 
rental fees is going to be?

A special class of KWLUG member? [1]

Is the same (problematic?) recognition going to occur when we put 
those contributor's logos on the front page of kwlug.org?


[1] Of course not. But are feathers going to be ruffled?

> On Sat, 2009-12-26 at 17:16 -0800, Raul Suarez wrote:
>> I know people are being facetious, but seriously:
>> Why do we need a name to define whoever wants to put money
>> towards a facility if we ever came to that.
>> A simple posting on the mailing list saying, "a new year is
>> approaching, whoever wants to contribute please email me (to keep
>> it private) Based on the # of responses and offers we'll see if
>> we have enough"
>> Period. No need for names. Specially getting bugged on names.
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>> wrote:
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>>>> To: KWLUG discussion <kwlug-disc at kwlug.org> Yes, I realize
>>>> that "Sugar Parents" does not win any politically-correctness
>>>> awards either.
>>> Rich uncle? Oh wait: "wealthy relative" ;)
>>> How about "patron" or "matron". Do we need to be gender
>>> neutral?
>>> "Supporter". Put financial in front of any of these to differ
>>> financial help from other kinds.

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