[kwlug-disc] What would people like to do, under the auspices of kwlug?

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Sat Dec 26 18:52:38 EST 2009

john at netdirect.ca wrote, On 12/26/2009 5:13 PM:
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>  >Absolutely agreed. Although, the mechanics of any kwlug 'blessing' 
>  >escapes me at the moment.
> And the "ownership" of the KWLUG brand is a little weak as well. Who, 
> what would defend it?
>  >Not that it's immediately needed, as there's nothing on the table. 
>  >Well, except for John's newsletter - which I, for one, don't think
>  >I'd 
>  >have any objection to kwlug blessing it. Perhaps merely phrasing it
>  >as 
>  >a kwlug member contributed publication is appropriate. (If that's 
>  >ultimate accurate / how it comes about.)
> The issue isn't one that I think will come up a lot, or possibly ever. I 
> just thought I should put it forward since this discussion runs deep.

Agreed, but it is very important, and it should not be ignored or lost 
from site. (-:

All it would take would be some porn, or similar links, or other bad 
things to appear. But, I think, in those cases one of the already 
admins, inactive, or not, would yank it pretty quick.

I also think it likely that if content started getting posted (to the 
front page), that wasn't quite ... 'right', the admins as a group 
would likely start gently nudging the poster towards massaging their 
content. e.g. Wildly different fonts, or looking markedly different 
from the rest of the content, or wildly diverging or thrashing content 
that perhaps shouldn't be on the front page.

Richard - perhaps it's time for that "ins & outs of kwlug" 
presentation you promised? Both "What there is already to make use of 
as a kwlug.org contributor." and a high-level overview of the 
structure, layout, admin maintenance of the site? I'm no Drupal guru, 
nor do I want to be, so I don't quite grok kwlug.org in these ways.

Perhaps the front page, centre column should be massaged? The first 
About blurb fleshed out a bit (it's accurate, but like water, sort of 
doesn't have any taste), followed by 'Latest News' (getting populated 
by appropriate user blog posts), then the Meeting details?

Let's strike a 'committee' (sorry about the word, but don't have a 
better) to discuss the care and feeding of kwlug.org.

I'm happy to help and participate in any way I can, but I'm no Drupal 
guru, and I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable just going in willy 
nilly and not having group consensus and discussion of approach.

Who's in?

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