[kwlug-disc] communitech?

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Sat Dec 26 14:24:19 EST 2009

On Fri, Dec 25, 2009 at 10:23:50PM -0500, Kyle Spaans wrote:
> On Mon, Dec 21, 2009 at 11:43 AM, Lori Paniak
> <ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com> wrote:
> > I am willing to pay for quality meeting space.  I suggest that
> > individual members consider sponsoring a meeting a year.
> We could call ourselves the KWLUG Sugar Daddies!

Not to get all politically correct on you, but I would prefer Sugar
Parents, please. (The degree to which we are hostile to women already
bugs me enough, thanks -- especially given that 1/3 or more of the
WWITPro attendees are women.) 

Yes, I realize that "Sugar Parents" does not win any
politically-correctness awards either. 

I am willing to make a (potentially one-time) contribution to the
Sugar Parent fund so long as I am anonymous. Who is the Supreme
Marshmallow who is keeping track of interested people? 

> I like this idea. Sure it gets into icky money, but IMO keeps the ickiness
> on the hands of a willing few. Sure it means that if the Sugar Daddies
> get hit by a bus then we're back to looking for free space, but we're
> doing that right now aren't we?

I think that it will not be hard to get funding for a year. I think
that sustaining that income for several years would be hard. (And I
would feel much more comfortable if we listened to Raul and got
together money for a year in advance.) 

Keep in mind that we are not obligated to look for additional free
space. We do have St John's Kitchen. After January's meeting we will
have a better sense of whether we can make the relationship work (from
both sides). I have the space booked for January, February and March.
If the relationship does work out adequately then we won't necessarily
have to find a new home for several years. 

Some of the other spaces that are proposed are really nice. I like
First United a lot. But if we are given the choice between paying $70
a month for First United and getting St. John's Kitchen for free, I am
not sure what the better deal is. 

Note that this is not the proposal that unsolicited is working on --
he and the co-ordinator are trying to get us the space for free. But
First United would rent out the rooms to us as well. 

- Paul

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