[kwlug-disc] the value of twitter

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Wed Dec 23 18:16:28 EST 2009

  i have to admit, i'm baffled by the people who are unfamiliar with
twitter and/or don't see much value in it.  i've used it to build a
healthy community of followers who now keep up with whatever i'm doing
or tweeting and now represent potential business connections.

  right now, my personal followers include ARMCommunity, MontaVista,
TI, recruiting agency Red Canary and other recruiters, a VP at
Gartner, some folks at Red Hat, Altera Corporation, Linux at IBM,
Novell support and Novell training, several CMS people, a pile of
embedded Linux folks, one of the principal authors of Subversion, and

  whenever one of my kernel newbie columns was published at linux.com,
i tweeted a link to it and literally within minutes, i had dozens of
hits on that column due solely to twitter.  and i regularly get direct
messages from some of those folks who want to chat further about what
i'm up to.

  if you have no interest in twitter, that's fine and good for you.
but at least take the time to figure out what kind of priceless
publicity and social networking you're walking away from.


p.s.  i'm currently the technical editor of a new edition of one linux
book and a technical reviewer for another one.  i got both of those
gigs through twitter, by mentioning in a single tweet that i was
available for that kind of work.


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