[kwlug-disc] kwlug on twitter?

Bob Jonkman bjonkman at sobac.com
Wed Dec 23 17:04:21 EST 2009

Paul Nijjar wrote:
> There should have been some RSS feeds generated by kwlug.org. Maybe
> they disappeared. I doubt that they will fit in 140 characters, but at
> some point (maybe this decade) I have to do some website maintenance.
> I can look at the issue then.

I've created three automatic feeds through http://twitterfeed.com:

    * KWLUG blog feed at http://kwlug.org/blog/feed
    * Lori Paniak's calendar at
      (via http://kwlug.org/node/611 )
    * Google blog search for "KWLUG"

Long messages are automatically truncated and given a short URL as a 
link.  The Twitterfeed feeds are sent to Identi.ca, which forwards them 
to Twitter.  Twitter in turn can feed Facebook, LinkedIn and Plaxo.  It 
really is a world-wide web.

I'll sift through the various groups and hashtags on Identi.ca and 
Twitter and subscribe to some interesting FLOSS and other LUG entities.  
Suggestions are welcome. You can see all of KWLUG's Identi.ca 
correspondence at http://identi.ca/kwlug/all (I'm not sure there's an 
equivalent in Twitter).

Ooh, and I just found another KWLUG feed at 
http://kwlug.org/taxonomy/term/4/0/feed  Seems to be for meetings, 
although there are no meeting announcements in it.  I'll add it if it 
becomes interesting.


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