[kwlug-disc] kwlug on twitter?

R. Brent Clements rbclemen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 16:24:59 EST 2009

I have yet to sign up for Twitter. A LOT of my friends do.  Echoing
our anounces to something that Twitter users can see is not a bad
idea. Meeting announcements, and news bits rellevant to Linux and
FLOSS would be as worthy of following as anything else on Twitter. And
yes, I think I would be willing to set it up and handle it if you(s)
would like.

Obviously if you are not interrested in Twitter or following our feed
on it, then by all means don't. We (I) will certainly make use of
whatever open tools and services are available/useful.

Given this and my offer to set it up, do we want to go ahead with this?

On 12/23/09, Robert P. J. Day <rpjday at crashcourse.ca> wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Dec 2009, Insurance Squared Inc. wrote:
>> Well, then respectfully, you're wrong.
>> Someone types my domain.ca instead of .com because of my brand.
>> They see a page full of insurance ads and either click on the ads,
>> or figure I've gone out of business.  Either way the squatter took
>> business from me.
>   the same thing will happen if someone registers a domain that
> differs from yours in one or two letters.  there's nothing you can do
> about that, and it's pointless to try to prevent it.
> rday
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