[kwlug-disc] Company sponsorship for meeting place?

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Wed Dec 23 15:45:29 EST 2009

Khalid Baheyeldin wrote, On 12/23/2009 1:44 PM:
> Again, let us not allow the usual "scope creep" to derail the main point.

We aren't.

> I did NOT suggest that we incorporate. This is a separate discussion.


This came about because the current central question is: Free space, 
or not free space.

And if not free space, by what means do we fund. (Corporate or not.)

I agree, how to fund can be decided after we decide whether to fund.

> Which place to rent is another discussion too. Let us just agree on whether
> this is something that can be taken forward or to be killed right now.

I don't agree. The only current discussion that matters is what place 
we want. That drives the other.

The consequence of that choice, free or not, picks a direction or 
approach the lug wants to take. To my mind, free brings us closer to 
the general community (population), non-free takes us further away 
from it.

Myself, I do not feel we should commit to a continuous drain of money 
down the drain in rental fees.

> So far the responses have been positive mostly about this.

So far the response has been dead silence. There are no candidates on 
the table. By that measure, it is not generally desired.

We do have on the table a candidate free space that, I think, has a 
consensus of being highly desirable and what we want. (Now that it has 
been explored and explained.)

> We can
> explore that more if we do not find a good rental space for February.

We have on the table a location for February now. My sense is that no 
other (free) locations have been proposed only because this site is in 

It awaits the specific sponsor requirements definition, which will 
hopefully be laid out in time for approval or rejection at the next 

Only a meeting can settle this / come to a decision - the list can 
only explore and explain issues. Posts come from the very few - it is 
not representative of the meeting group. The will of the entire group 
can only be discerned when the entire group is present to express 
their desires.

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