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Below are some words from the coordinator. Hopefully it clarifies and 

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Subject: Re: [kwlug-disc] (In progress) kwlug candidate meeting site 
Date: Mon, 21 Dec 2009
From: Michael

There was no need for anyone to feel that the mission was to get 
members for the church. I was just thinking of a decent space for the 
group to meet.

Yes, I am a member of the church and would likely have to be at all 
meetings. [ed: To get us in / lock up.] I have thought about going 
before, but things have come up.  I think some people of the group 
have the idea that outreach's purpose is to get members etc for the 

When I speak of an outreach project for the church, I'm speaking of 
providing a service for the community. I know at my church, outreach 
is important, but not for getting members for the church, rather for 
the work we do. [ed: A service we already provide the community. Any 
and all are welcome to kwlug. Wherever we are located.]

Out of the Cold works that way. There are many people who are not 
members of the church who work for me. I do not try to get them to 
come to church. I just want them to help feed the needy.

I thought that the LUG would be able to meet on the property. Since 
the LUG is not interested in paying financial dollars for renting the 
room, understandable, by the way, I felt the only way to get it for 
free would be to make it an outreach project. Sort of a service in the 
sense of letting people know about FOSS, Linux, etc... that a lot of 
their grief could be alleviated by using a different operating system. 
Also, there are those like me, who have some skills in this area, who 
are looking for new challenges as well.

That is why I have been listening with interest about concerns people 
have. I can guarantee, no one will be expected to join the church, 
pray or do any of the other things that churches have been known for. 
It is very unlikely that the church would expect anything of you, 
beyond an occasional report, usually annually, about what you have 
been doing. [ed: I expect collecting what we already have, meeting 
announcements, and the usual list/web post-meeting post(s), would do it.]

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