[kwlug-disc] communitech?

Lori Paniak ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com
Mon Dec 21 11:43:04 EST 2009

Sorry Rob, but I don't see the logic in your argument.  Surely you have
spent enough time in academic environments to know that the the quality
of a talk has very little to do with the clothing of the speaker.  Some
of the deepest, most enlightening presentations I've seen were delivered
in a t-shirt and flip-flops.  The last thing KWLUG is going to enforce
on its members is a dress-code!

I think your metrics for KWLUG success are not the same as mine. The
health of KWLUG is not dependent on the quality or availability of a
meeting space.  Sure, I'd like to see KWLUG at the Accelerator Center,
but this is not the pinnacle of the club's existence.  Also, I'm not
sure why we should expect local business to be chasing after us to offer
us meeting space.  In fact, I think keeping the club aloof of specific
corporate entanglements is much more appropriate for a community FLOSS
organization like KWLUG.  (Of course, we should thank businesses that
freely contribute to the state of FLOSS!)

Let us compare with our Windows equivalent (?), WWITPRO.  Are they
successful?  Certainly, they have corporate support from a Top500
company.  Topics relevant to numerous (all) IT businesses in the region?
Check. So why do they meet at TriOS College?  I won't even begin to
discuss attendance, talk quality and other measures.

I am willing to pay for quality meeting space.  I suggest that
individual members consider sponsoring a meeting a year.  In this way,
KWLUG can avoid the unnecessary entanglements of membership fees and
member obligations, but still get the home it deserves.  Placing
monetary obligations on those who attend our meetings (admission, food
purchase...) are completely out of the question.   

On Mon, 2009-12-21 at 10:05 -0500, Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> i know it's been mentioned already, but is there anything available
> once a month thru communitech?  that seems like a perfectly reasonable
> location, being off-campus somewhat so that there's easy parking.  but
> if someone *were* able to wangle a nice location like that, i suggest
> that that would put added pressure on KWLUG to come up with some
> *really* snappy and professional presentations.
>   and by "professional," i'm suggesting presentations that start
> (close to) on time, move right along, and take no longer than, say, 75
> minutes.  and possibly involving a speaker who dresses business
> casual, perhaps even with a tie. :-)
>   this just brings us back to one of my original questions -- what
> does KWLUG *want* to be?  if people are happy with the current setup,
> then there's no pressure to reach a little higher.  on the other hand,
> if one is thinking of getting a nice facility like communitech or
> similar, then it's only reasonable that one be prepared to live up to
> those new surroundings and put on appropriately professional
> presentations.
>   and there's the fundamental decision to be made.
> rday
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