[kwlug-disc] (In progress) kwlug candidate meeting site sourced.

Chris Bruner cbruner at quadro.net
Sat Dec 19 10:53:20 EST 2009

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
> On Sat, 19 Dec 2009, Raul Suarez wrote:
>> I really think that the KWLUG has gone on quite successfully without
>> the need to define or frame it.
>   and i realize that i'm not going to win any friends with what i'm
> about to say, but i would disagree that KWLUG has been a "success,"
> depending on your definition of the word.
>   i first got involved with KWLUG after i moved back to canada from
> the states several years back.  at that time (IIRC), it was meeting at
> the working centre.  and at that time, linux was in the process of
> catching fire.
>   fast forward several years to today.  linux is all the rage, you can
> get it on netbooks, everyone's talking about it, you can't turn around
> without the mainstream media writing about the delights of open
> source and ... KWLUG is currently looking for a place to meet.
>   how exactly does that qualify as "successful?"

I think it is a very good definition of successful if you are linking 
the rise of Linux popularity with the kwlug. kwlug has not gone away and 
would have been happy to stay at the working center if not for the noise 
factor. This is the only reason we are homeless at the moment.

I remember when the Internet was new and there was an Internet users 
group which introduced people to email browsers different isps etc. It 
was quite interesting as a bunch of eclectic people attended the 
meetings, but over time the meetings grew less popular and more 
technical. Yet the Internet took off. I think the two groups have a 1 to 
1 correlation. The Internet group died out because it wasn't new 
anymore, and everyone knew enough to get around.  It got more technical 
because the easy stuff had been done to death.

This is a normal path for a fundamentally changing technology. At first 
the group has a strong reason for existing. To explain the basics to a 
wide audience.  Then later as the technology takes hold and becomes 
embedded in society to delve into the more technical aspects of it.  We 
are not quite there yet, but as the people who are interested in the 
"good" stuff have gained their knowledge the need for non-technical 

On another point, in years past kwlug had things like social night, 
gamers night, or christmas cool stuff etc where software and new 
products that used Linux were showcased. Just for fun. I wouldn't mind 
going back to that once in a while. 

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