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Lori Paniak ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com
Sat Dec 19 10:34:11 EST 2009

Hear, hear, Raul!

I'm not sure what we gain by codifying every moment of a KWLUG meeting.
For me, the organic and dynamic nature of the KWLUG is its central
strength.  I agree with Rob that many meetings are too technical, too
long or otherwise not newbie friendly.  But that's OK.  Other meetings
are much more accessible.  In order to keep everyone under the same
tent, from first-timer to seasoned pro, no one will get everything they
want all the time.  Maybe they will learn something about what other
people need from KWLUG and how they can fill that need.

One, non-binding, way to help bridge the gap would be to ask speakers to
make a point of partitioning their talks into a newbie-friendly
introduction and synopsis (who am I, what problem am I trying to solve,
tools I used, success/glitches), meaty mid-range (for typical KWLUGer)
and then a few minutes at the end for the extra credit crowd.  That way,
everyone has a chance to come away with something. 

Otherwise, let KWLUG roll as it has.  It is a very successful
(dis/un)organization and I would be disappointed to see it fractured by
a pedantic need for labels and rules.  In fact, the nature of KWLUG
embodies what open source is all about. And I think that is something to
be proud of - not something that begs repair.

On Sat, 2009-12-19 at 05:51 -0800, Raul Suarez wrote:
> I really think that the KWLUG has gone on quite successfully without the need to define or frame it.
> I don't see the need to do this but I see the risk on doing this.
> We are an eclectic bunch. For me, that's part of the attractive. Lets not try to institutionalize it. If they have a committee, maybe they'll want to talk to our committee, and we don't have one. We've been doing OK without one. We don't even have a "membership", to be a "member" is to participate whenever and however we see fit. Everyone is welcome "as is".
> The KWLUG is what it is for each one of us. Trying to define it to be the same for everyone will just led to discord. Please don't.
> If this thread continues, you'll see that discord bubbling up pretty soon.
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