[kwlug-disc] (Proposed) New kwlug meeting section: Q & A

unsolicited unsolicited at swiz.ca
Fri Dec 18 16:37:39 EST 2009

Here's an idea (proposal) ...

Suppose we take 10 minutes at each meeting, a *strongly* constrained 
10 minutes, for questions on anything from the floor - doesn't matter 
what the question's on (Linux, Windows, whatever), but the answer has 
to have a FOSS component. (Windows so we can tie it back to FOSS/Linux 
- e.g. vnc client, samba.) Perhaps just before the main presentation.

To pose a question:
- you must stand up (so we can hear you). [If you state your name, 
someone with an answer can start with "Hey John ...", rather than "Hey 
You ..." and which point everyone would look around, giving a puzzled 
look. And at least one person's face goes beet red.]
- commit to blogging the answer to the website.

Perhaps we designate a title so we can keep things grouped in the list 
and website: kwlug meeting Y/M/D QA: <blah>

If someone knows the (quick) answer, they stand up and give it.

Most frequent answers (from the host):
- question too long to answer, ask your neighbour.
- if your neighbour doesn't know, they probably know someone present 
who might, both of you talk to them. And they told 2 friends ...
- for some reason the question is unanswered (nobody knows, answer 
incomplete): post to the list.

Most frequent answer from the floor:
- check this website.
- talk to me after when I've more time to explain it better.
- 42

If patterns of questions emerge, a desired presentation topic will 
become evident, or the need for a particular FAQ page.

30 second question / answer - max.

Audience participation.

Web site gains content.

We're already doing this, informally, anyways.

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