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> I was reading about complaints on boot time with windows 7 (talk of it
> eventually degrading to taking 6 minutes to boot) and it got me thinking.
> Is there anything in linux that folks do to decrease boot time?
>  Specifically the desktop because of course I only reboot my webservers
> every few years when we're doing something hardware related.

Here is something I noticed on the new Kubuntu 9.10.

I installed it on an old AMD Sempron 1.8GHz with 1GB of RAM, and a Western
Digital ATA 250GB 7200 RPM disk. This will act as the print/scan server
replacing an older Pentium II that did the job faithfully for many years.

The fresh install means that this is a grub2 and ext4.

I timed the boot time from the second the BIOS screens disappear till I get
the KDE login screen. It came to 21 seconds, even on this medium

That is fast ...

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