[kwlug-disc] android phone, anyone?

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Thu Dec 17 22:07:38 EST 2009

Bob Jonkman wrote, On 12/17/2009 9:29 PM:
 > Hopefully Wind Mobile will allow open phones or unlocked phones
 > from other vendors on their network.  Wind Mobile has already said

They won't. I looked it up tonight.

"Though WIND customers are theoretically not locked into WIND when 
they sign up for service, they are required to buy their hardware from 
WIND - unlike the other carriers," 

Main site: http://www.windmobile.ca/

Given the drama over lower costs, I wanted to have a boo at their 
pricing, even if they're only in Toronto and Calgary at the moment.

$35/month unlimited data - no thanks. So much hoopla for so little 
result. <sigh>

> I expect that the other carriers will eventually offer more advanced 
> phones that also cover the AWS spectrum.

I dunno. Roger's new internet on demand service puts them into content 
provider territory. They're moving more towards DRM than back into 
provider / carrier only. I could see nothing that would let me capture 
and store on demand content.

Which is just perplexing when the decry all liability for porn or spam 
when it travels over their internet network.

Either you're the pipeline (carrier) or the content. It seems 
ludicrous that they can be selectively both / either.

I see what you're saying in the rest of your message ... in essence, 
after sufficient time passes for them to establish themselves, things 
may be different.

But not today. And, personally, I'm not hopeful about then, either.

I think it more likely geographically universal wifi coverage will 
happen, and voip over phones, than cell providers will shrink their 
activities to being merely carriers. For $35 / month. Hopefully 
bundled in with hard home ISP service. I know ... good luck with that too.

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