[kwlug-disc] social media 101 -- how much huether can you handle? [FINAL NOTICE!!]

Robert P. J. Day rpjday at crashcourse.ca
Thu Dec 10 05:04:20 EST 2009

On Wed, 9 Dec 2009, Raul Suarez wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> Sorry for not following up with you earlier. I was on training in
> Toronto and I'm just catching up on email.
> Are you still interested on me coordinating and/or advising on the
> web conference set up?
> Depending on the number of expected web participants there could be
> different alternatives. Most likely for all of them I would only
> charge for my time. If it requires the use of a paid service (only
> if there is a large number of participants) then that would have to
> be considered.

  no, that's ok, it's all under control.  just to refresh peoples'
memories, we're talking about this:


that would be happening this evening at the huether in one of those
upstairs areas.  the rationale is that cheryl is doing this for a
number of long-time ex-colleagues who were recently terminated and she
wants to help them by giving a tutorial on how to best build your
online profile for the job market.

  her *main* audience is her ex-colleagues but if you know anyone who
might specifically benefit from this, let them know and have them
contact cheryl.  i realize it sounds selective, but she doesn't want
to throw it wildly open to the public, but if you or someone you know
would benefit, drop her a note and see if there's still room.

  also, corporate recruiters might be interested in attending since,
let's face it, you'll be hanging out for an hour or two with a bunch
of very bright techie people who are now looking for work.

  anyway, it's this evening so there's not a lot of time left to
decide.  beyond that, you can take it from there.  i believe cheryl is
supplying the munchies and nibblies for the evening as well.  you
probably have to buy your own beer.


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