[kwlug-disc] New locations brainstorming

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Wed Dec 9 15:52:38 EST 2009

Paul Nijjar wrote, On 12/09/2009 10:26 AM:
> As some of you know, we have likely lost the Heuther as a meeting
> location. Charles and I are looking into meeting locations at The
> Working Centre again. We can probably find something (in the worst
> case we can probably meet in Computer Recycling) but it might be worth
> looking into longer-term homes. 
> There may be other places that are willing to give us a long-term
> home. I think that it is important that we get a regular commitment,
> and that the agreement between us is clear. Free would be nicer than
> paying a rental fee, but if the rental fee was fixed maybe we could
> make things work.

(1) And we are back to the icky money issue.

	I expect that a nightly rental fee would require a meeting admission 
fee to cover expenses, which I don't believe would fly with the group 
as it currently exists.

	I do think the idea of a $50 (or some number not $100's of $'s 
different) one-time deposit would be manageable.

(2) I would want to stay in the local K-W area.

(3) Parking must be free and nearby. Which probably takes out places 
like the Library, UofW, and WLU.

	Given the history of this group, I expect a well serviced nearby bus 
route would be de rigeur. And the location be within a 'reasonable' 
bicycling distance. Reasonable being a different thing, to me, today, 
than it was 20 years ago!

I arrived late enough to not have any details as to what went on at 
the Huether - all I knew when I arrived was that the group was at the 
other end of the floor for some reason.

Could the details and demands of the Huether be posted please? I'm 
gathering what we were told initially (months ago) was unexpectedly 
altered with little forewarning and/or a different story from a 
different liaison?

 From what I have seen of the meetings, the Huether seems to be quite 
a good, workable, and desirable solution, logistically. For the number 
of attendees of the meetings thus far - a really well attended event 
is expected to be problematic.

Being in the same building as a restaurant seems to be attractive to 
people. More so when weather permits being on the patio. It's not 
surprising that less was spent the first month when that wasn't 
possible, nor this last meeting when the Huether raised people's ire. 
And, no doubt, the Huether has more opportunities to make more money 
with other meeting room customers during the holiday season. (Was 
there a double-booking issue, perhaps causing Huether staff 
consternation / defensiveness?)

If we are now talking about a vendor fee for an alternate location, is 
it markedly different than what the Huether is looking for? A location 
with which we are now largely familiar with and comfortable.

Please don't let one bad night or incident cause such disruption, 
unless it's not going to only be a one time disruption. I don't know 
enough of the situation to know.

With respect.

And with thanks to John, who found the location, got us there, and 
made it work. I, for one, am certainly grateful. If manageable, I 
would like to continue there.

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