[kwlug-disc] how to annotate PDF files?

Paul Nijjar paul_nijjar at yahoo.ca
Fri Dec 4 10:40:51 EST 2009

On Tue, Dec 01, 2009 at 08:14:34AM -0500, Jason Locklin wrote:
> Perhaps it would be a good candidate for the FLOSS fund??

The intent of the FLOSS Fund was originally to reward projects that we
appreciated, as opposed to being a fund to prod projects into
implementing features. Having said that, if there is a project that
you think is worthy of support (and it will take donations) then
please nominate something. 

In May 2008 we nominated GNU PDF for the FLOSS Fund. Sadly that
project does not seem to have made much progress. (I guess that would
be an example of rewarding projects for good intentions rather than
demonstrated results.) 

- Paul

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