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--- On Tue, 12/1/09, unsolicited <unsolicited at swiz.ca> wrote:
> Let's define some context then.

Oh, I get it, define a context that fits what you think and your thoughts will always be right.

My context was the original article. I thought that was the initial point of this exchange, if you choose to change the context, then let's start a different conversation.
> So, you're telling me this average desktop user is frequently calling
> MS at, what, $125 a pop, for support. 

No, they call the Geek squad (Following the Best buy context) and pay $60 to have their computer set up on their desk and another $60 to configure the wireless router. Oh, and another $60 to cleanup the computer.

But going back to the original context of the article. Yes, companies pay support, actually most don't buy software that does not come with support.

> But the culture in the context of this K-W LUG list is
> substantially North America, particularly K-W, and
> realistically the U.S.

The context for FLOSS is the world (hint, not everyone speaks English, not everyone has running water and not every one has a best buy). When I read an article like the one that started the conversation I don't think about my little world. Actually in that article there was no reference to KW or the US not even North America.

> That would seem to be self-evident. [And this is going way
> off ... so far as I know, nobody has ever been physically
> harmed by using Windows, no matter how much LUGers would
> like to throttle them.]

Then you didn't get the analogy. That most people does not care about fundamental values, does not diminish those values.

But again, if you frame the discussion in your personal context, you will always be right. 

Oh, I hope you cared reading the original article, written by a CEO of a server application company, using server side examples. I think that defines the context of the article very well.

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