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--- On Tue, 12/1/09, Lori Paniak <ldpaniak at fourpisolutions.com> wrote:

> I don't think hardware support is appreciably worse in Linux 2.6.31 
> today than it is for Windows 7. 

The main difference is that people "know" that they need a new computer for windows 7 but "we" keep selling the idea that Linux is for old computers. Well, I've already vented that beef before.

> And yet, only 1% of desktop users are running a Linux desktop.  And the
> System76 people probably barely scratch out a corporate existence.

Again, I don't think the Desktop should be a good indicator. Maybe 10 years ago, not any more.

> It must be something else.

Marketing, inertia, distribution channels and support.

"We" technical people tend to complain that the sales people "make all the money when they don't actually contribute to creating the product". Reality is that a great product with bad marketing will have a hard time taking off.

> I agree getting solid OEM support is important, but only to keep people
> from having to futz with iso images to get the Linux they want.

"Only" ? The important word in "OEM Support" is exactly that "Support". I wouldn't buy a great car I cannot take to the mechanic, even if I was able to learn how to change the oil my self, I just don't want to.

Finally, market dominance is meaningless if it is achieved by loosing track of what FLOSS is. 

The only purpose, as I see it, of market dominance is ensuring that all the people understand the benefits of Freedom as it relates to software.

Market dominance just to make money out of Free software is irrelevant.

Like abolishing slavery. Imagine that in the US civil war the North had won by allowing "a little bit of slavery", It wouldn't have been a victory at all.

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