[kwlug-disc] how to annotate PDF files?

Jason Locklin locklin.jason at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 08:14:34 EST 2009

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Until the necessary capabilities are added to the Poppler backend, none
of the PDF viewers on Linux will do this well (both Evince and Okular
use it). Okular (the KDE Document/PDF viewer) already has a very nice
interface for annotating PDF documents, but until Poppler is updated, it
can't save those annotations back to the file.

I've been banging my head against this for years. Currently, the best
solution is to import the PDF into OpenOffice Draw, add notes, then save
back to PDf.

Perhaps it would be a good candidate for the FLOSS fund??


Andrew Kohlsmith (Mailing List Account) wrote:
> On November 26, 2009 06:01:47 am Daniel Villarreal wrote:
>> Have you tried pdfedit ? It's in the Ubuntu repository.
> pdfedit is a *NASTY* piece of software.  I consider it usable to hack around 
> in PDF files, certainly not something you'd give to someone who needs to 
> annotate PDFs.
> Having said that, I haven't found a decent PDF editor on Linux.  Acrobat (full 
> Acrobat) is awesome on Windows, but nothing similar on Linux, unfortunately.
> -A.
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